Rolling your artificial putting is always a good feeling, even when it is almost impossible to grow in your backyard. It is for this reason that most homeowners who enjoy playing golf prefer artificial grass putting green installation. Other than using a leaf blower, you don’t have to do any extra chores with this artificial putting green.

The best part is that you can golf at your own convenience in your backyard. The best part about these artificial putting green installation is that you can either do-it-yourself or hire an installation company. Let’s now discuss some of the steps involved in installing your artificial putting green.

1. Prepare the area

This step involves cleaning the sprinklers, grass area, and any other ground vegetation. You should remove at least 3–4 inches of sod to ensure you have a slight grade for drainage.

2. Install the base of the putting green

As soon as you have a fairly solid ground, distribute at least 2–2 1/2 inches of drain crushed rock using the vibratory plate compactor. The next step is to develop a slight grade for optimal water runoff. Use the bricklayers level, carpenter’s level, string level, or a wooden stake to identify the sloppy area.

3. Identify the areas for placing golf cups

As soon as you complete the base and contour the area, it is time to identify the placements of your golf cups. To do this, you should create at least a 3 feet distance around each cup.

4. Create holes for the cups

Using concrete to create a trustworthy installation and secure the area, you should place your green cups in the base. This is necessary, especially in areas where the climate is freeze-thaw. The size of the hole depends on the size of your cup, with the inclusion of at least 2 inches around your cup diameter to allow you to wrap your concrete in it.

5. Insert the cups

Now it’s time to insert your golf cup into the hole. To do this, prepare your spray cup with a lubricant that allows the exterior sides to slide up and down.

6. Finalize the base

To finalize the base, you should remove the plate compactly using the bottom of the rake and shovel of hand tamp. This will help to flatten the area. You can also use a medium bristle push broom to sweep the sand lightly and lose the gravel from your base.


These tips will give you foreknowledge of what to expect in an artificial grass putting green installation.

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