Residential Artificial Grass Installation

Advantages and Disadvantages of Residential Artificial Grass Installation

If you can’t stand making the lawn, if you want to drought-proof your backyard and transform the area where grass refuses to grow, you should consider residential artificial grass installation. 

As much as having a perfect lawn that does not require mowing, fertilizing, and watering sounds appealing, there are some downsides you ought to know. 

Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages you should be aware of about artificial turf for terrace Brick NJ


The pros of having artificial turf for backyard in Pennsylvania include the following;

#1. It requires low maintenance

While natural lawn needs to be watered, mowed, and properly fertilized to keep looking healthy, an artificial lawn requires little or no maintenance.

#2. It is long-lasting

backyard putting green installation can last for several years and still remain in good condition. This is possible irrespective of Joe’s harsh weather or how long you have been away on holiday. You can never find artificial grass looking too long, patchy, dead, or discolored.

#3. It is child and dog friendly

One reason most dog owners usually prefer residential putting green installation is so they don’t have to really worry about their dogs digging holes in the yard or dog urine damaging the grass. 

Parents also prefer less artificial grass because it is mess free and allergen-free. This means that it leaves no muddy footprint behind, making it safe for kids, and you don’t have to worry about your allergies or that of your children.


Here are some of the reasons why you may prefer natural grass. However, foreknowledge of these factors will guide you in choosing the best for you.

#1. They may appear unreal

Generally, it can be very difficult to differentiate artificial grass from natural grass because it often appears immaculate and blemish-free. This makes it really difficult for most people to tell which is real and which is not.

#2. It is long-lasting

A high-quality well-maintained installation lasts for at least 25 years, in some cases a lifetime depending on the company. However, standard warranties last only for about seven to 10 years to allow you to figure out if your lawn needs replacing or substantial maintenance around this time.

#3. It involves expense

Practically residential artificial turf cost in Toms River is double compared to what it costs to install a natural lawn from scratch.

What to look out for in an artificial grass turf

They include the following;

  • Cooling technology that helps to cool the material when the sun is hot

  • Durability/pet friendly, especially for households where there are high-traffic backyards and pets. It’s texturized, curly yards prevent flattening, and springs up easily