Green Artificial Grass Installation

Thinking about the durable and low-maintenance option of putting green artificial grass outdoor!!

Nothing can be better than this option, as synthetic putting green grass offers year-round beauty to your landscape without much investment and hard work from your side.

There’s a way to put artificial green grass, and the professionals know how the installation must be done.

Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC has a huge specialization in putting green and artificial grass installation and takes pride in accomplishing the task to perfection. We do not leave the site until the client is 100% satisfied with our work.

The team of professionals is assigned to the specific project and sent to the site location to put green artificial grass outdoor. We understand the client’s requirements clearly and draft a blueprint to initiate the work & complete it with excellence.

We make clients see the visuals of the landscape after artificial grass putting green installation and ensure the task accomplished will be durable and long-lasting.

If you’re seeking services for putting green installation in Ventnor City. NJ; Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC is at your service. We charge very reasonably, and our fees for installing artificial putting green are unmatched. You’ll find it worth the services offered.

Our work speaks in itself as it reflects the skills and experience of our professionals as they perform all the essential tasks involved in installing synthetic grass putting green, and keeping quality parameters in consideration. 

We leave the accomplished project making the client astonished as the services delivered are beyond expectations.

Our Process of Putting Green Artificial Grass Outdoor

Soil Removal

Our licensed professionals have every bit of knowledge to remove the soil from the area where the putting green installation has to be done. The procedure will be the same if you’re looking to get it done in the landscape outside the house. 

In the backyard, it’s pretty feasible to cut the few inches of sod. In big projects, the tree removal and construction of the wall have to be done, which seems quite necessary to initiate the project of green installation

Base Compaction

As the land gets cleared, the base compacting machine’s role comes into action so that our professionals can efficiently operate for necessary actions like ground levelling and building contours. 

It’s one of the crucial steps while creating a base for artificial putting green installation to make the further process hassle-free.

Putting Green Cup Installation

Suppose you’re thinking about customizing the backyard and installing artificial green grass. In that case, we can do that task for you conveniently, but it depends on the size and space availability. 

You can get the artificial green installed directly in the concrete base to ensure its longevity. For this, plastic cup installation is done to level up the area for flag placement, and professionals can do the task in a well-versed manner.

Phase 2: Putting Green Installation Process Post-Base Preparation

Nail-Free Putting Green Installation

Nails used in green installation cannot be considered safe as they can hurt kids or pets in the landscape or backyard area. Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC is always known for doing something innovative, and we perform nail-free putting green installation. 

Rather than nailing, we staple the turf with the frame to avoid sudden nail uprooting. We have adopted this technique in commercial areas and received massive praise from past clients. 

Implementing the nail-free putting green installation in your landscape and backyard will keep your pets and kids safe from getting hurt by nail.

Use Professional Stretchers for Putting Green Installation

You might have seen surface wrinkling or buckling with time because the turf is not correctly installed across the perimeter. 

At Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC, our experts use professional stretchers to prevent this from happening as the putting green turf is stretched across the perimeters. 

It’s not a DIY process; we are professionals with the expertise to perform this task with enough pressure. Our expertise in using stretching machines has proven results.

Avoid visible seams in turf installation

Our professionals ensure that seam aren’t visible, as they can damage the surface over time. We cut and shape the turf and use the zipper effect to create optical illusion to the eye for a seamless look of putting green turf once installed. 

Proper turf seaming is critical during the warmer and chilling conditions as the putting green turf expand or contracts accordingly.

Choose the Right Sand Infill for Artificial Putting Green Installation

At Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC, our experts know about applying the proper layer of sand infill to eliminate all chances of putting green turf wrinkling upon installation. The sand infill will undoubtedly spread and fill the voids in the fiber to a great extent to void the uneven surface.

Why Should You Choose Us for Synthetic Grass Putting Green Installation?

  • The team of licensed professionals has complete knowledge about artificial putting green installation.

  • We do not leave the project unless it is fully accomplished as per the client requirement

  • Assured warranty for timely maintenance and repair of artificial putting green

  • We give you the details of past clients whom you can interact with and check our work by visiting their site