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Artificial Grass for Residential Homes

If you are wondering if there is another option out there, you will be pleased to know that residential artificial grass is available to you. With the help of Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC, your new residential artificial grass will leave you speechless. Your fake lawn will look so real, you will think it is until you touch it.

Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC synthetic turf systems have a unique drainage quality that makes it ideal for pet owners. By eliminating the dirt and mud found in every natural lawn, residential artificial grass keeps the dirt and mud off your pet and ultimately out of your home. The permeable nature of Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC artificial lawn allows pet urine to drain through to the ground beneath without staining the fibers and eliminating 80% of the odor. Similarly, pet feces can be scooped as usual and the remainder washed off with a hose. Your residential artificial grass can be installed by Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC today.

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What dog doesn’t love a soft, grassy play area? Fake grass for dogs looks and feels like the real thing, only it’s better. Artificial turf is perfect for pets and their friends, because it’s designed specifically for dogs. And it’s perfectly safe for your family and the environment, because it’s non-toxic and allergen-free. With artificial grass, you can have a gorgeous yard and a happy canine.

Busy dogs can turn natural lawn into a mess. Fake grass for dogs eliminates ugly yellow patches, bare spots, and holes. Give yourself a break, with beautiful artificial turf that’s virtually maintenance free. And give your dog the year-round, weather-proof play area he deserves.

Artificial Grass for Outdoor Living

Not just another pretty face, artificial grass inspires you to spend more time enjoying your yard. Fake grass is weather-proof and virtually maintenance-free. Designing with artificial turf is easy! It always looks perfect, and you don’t have to lift a finger.

Features and Benefits of artificial grass outdoors

Beautifully inviting, all year round

Easily stands up to high-traffic areas

Never needs water or chemicals

Helps cool concrete, brick or stone patios.

Not slippery when wet

Kinder to bare feet than hardscape surfaces

Green in every sense of the word

Drains quickly and dries fast

Schools and colleges

Artificial grass is the budget-smart choice to create welcoming lawns and sports fields. Whether you need our Fall-Safe technology to floor kids’ playgrounds or special installations for golf, batting cages, tennis or volleyball, Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC has the ideal turf. You get soft, safe grass that looks beautiful and performs like a champion, all year long — without the expense of ongoing water and maintenance.

Common areas and Events

Crowd-friendly – that’s artificial grass from Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC. Pretty and practical, all year long, without water or work. Soft and cool to sit or play on, quick-draining to absorb spilled drinks and eliminate puddles if it rains. Never any dog damage, mud or grass stains, or wrecked grass after a big event. Our synthetic turf conforms to ADA specs, and our FallSafe products are specially-created for kids’ play areas.

Rooftops and Walls

Who says grass has to stay on the ground? With artificial turf from Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC, you can create a rooftop lawn, bocce court or putting green. Top-quality artificial grass is far lighter than natural grass, requires virtually no maintenance and always looks gorgeous without a drop of water. Install it over almost any surface, including walls – indoors or out.

Let Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC custom design your project!

Artificial turf is no longer just for lawns! Let us shed some light on all the different ways you can incorporate artificial turf design at your home. Get your creative juices flowing by downloading our guide now!

Typical Design Applications – Artificial Grass

  • Lawns
  • Rooftops
  • Volleyball
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Bocce Ball
  • Living Areas
  • Dog Runs
  • Pet Facilities

Play Areas & Playgrounds

It makes an ideal playground floor for underneath swing sets or other backyard play structures. The playground tiles enable you to create a customized configuration that fits any area. Our turf is safer compared to playground flooring made of bare soil, gravel or bark chips. Artificial grass has a natural feeling, is non-toxic, allergen-free, and protects against falls by using a soft under padding. Its natural feeling, low abrasion and fall protection makes for a perfect playground paradise. Learn more about our Playground Turf.

Artificial playground turf stays clean. Specialized porous backing provides a built-in barrier for weeds and discourages insects, yet it offers superior drainage and dries quickly. In fact, liquids flow through ten times faster than with other turf backings. Your kids can have the time of their life, and you won’t be spending your life cleaning up your lawn. Have questions?

You’ll never have to worry about: Playgrounds

Grass allergies
Grass or mud stains on your children’s clothing
Muddy feet or tracked-in grass clippings
Children or pets playing on natural grass treated with yard care chemicals

Artificial Putting Green Turf

Ready to improve your short game? Want to create an entertainment area in your backyard? Consider creating an artificial putting green grass – turf to tee off at your leisure. The addition of an artificial putting green will not only help improve your golf game and add entertainment, but it will enhance the aesthetics of your lawn and reduce your landscaping chores. No longer will you need to worry about watering, cutting, and reseeding your grass these fake putting green turf – grass will help you out. 

Here at Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC, we specialize in providing custom designed putting greens and golf chipping areas. With the proper space a chip N put can surely turn a backyard into a golf adventure. Spend more time enjoying the look and feel of natural grass, and less time maintaining it. While real grass may look nice on some lawns during  Once your artificial turf is installed, it actually starts saving you money. A natural grass lawn or putting green requires daily watering as well as near-constant trimming, edging and mowing. Natural grass is prone to divots and bare spots which must be patched regularly in order to maintain its good appearance. For a low-maintenance and high-performance option, consider installing artificial putting green grass or artificial turf putting green, both of which offer a realistic and durable alternative to traditional putting green artificial turf.

When it comes to creating a low-maintenance and high-performance putting green, synthetic options are a popular choice synthetic putting green turf, grass, and Astroturf provide a realistic and durable alternative to traditional natural surfaces. Outdoor synthetic putting green options are also available, allowing you to create a beautiful and functional space right in your own backyard. Whether you’re looking for the best synthetic putting green or considering using Astroturf for putting green, there are many options available to meet your needs. Artificial grass is the ideal choice for play areas, pool surrounds, pet zones and anywhere else you want the appearance of natural grass minus the maintenance.

Backyard Putting Green

Why go to the club or the driving range to practice your short game, when you can have your own backyard putting green? Outdoor putting green turf is a popular choice for backyard golf enthusiasts. Choose the best option for your needs, whether it’s an artificial or natural surface With putting green turf, you can design an artificial putting green to fit your space and your personal preferences for speed, slope, etc. Instead of mowing and maintaining, you’ll be shaving off strokes.

Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC professional custom designed putting greens  delivers a true golfing experience. Our professional design team can help you choose the best type of artificial grass to match your specs. And they can help you create a playable showpiece you will enjoy year-round. You’ll be the envy of your foursome. Get the backyard golf area of your dreams with these fake putting green turf – grass . Call Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC today for your free consultation

Golf areas & Putting Greens- Features and Benefits

Eye catching addition to your landscape

Realistic surface quality and performance

Custom breaks, elevations, and bunkers

Add fringe for an even more realistic look

Ideal for indoor putting greens, too

Add a tee box for chipping and longer strokes

Environmentally friendly

Weather-proof and virtually maintenance free









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