Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC

Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC is the leading company in artificial grass installation and design in South Jersey for both residential and commercial landscapes. Offering only the highest quality artificial grass products available on the market. Our Installation projects include; Homes, business, golf courses and backyard putting greens, playgrounds and dog facilities, day cares, sports fields and fitness areas, pool areas, rooftops and more. Please Contact us for your free estimate today!
We take great pride in our exceptional customer service and notable 100% client satisfaction. We believe in the power of knowledge and communication. We educate our clients about the many benefits and cost effective solutions that make your investment in artificial grass worth every penny. We explain the intensive ground preparation and installation process with great detail. At Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC , we enjoy getting innovative with our clients and will turn your vision into your reality. We can guarantee your installation project will result in a stunningly beautiful high quality, low maintenance, cost-effective, always clean and forever green landscape of your dreams!
We are located in Margate City, NJ serving South and North Jersey and expanding and branching out to the tri state areas. Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC, Founded in 2020, starting out owning and operating a Landscape business for over 15 years. It became evident that artificial grass installation in South Jersey is the new eco-friendly alternative in landscape design. Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC, is our solution to continue our passion in landscape design. Investing in artificial grass installation in South Jersey, provides our clients with a cost effective, pet and child safe environment. Traditional lawns come along with costly maintenance, unnecessary water bills, harmful chemicals, unmanageable pet areas, ticks and mosquitoes. Turning to an eco-friendly artificial grass eliminates the need for all of those! No more watering, no more mowing, and no more fertilizing. Today’s artificial grass products are better than ever. Versatile, functional, and durable, homeowners and business owners within the residential and commercial marketplace are using artificial grass to aid their landscape design plans. No longer viewed as “fake grass” turf products are looked at as beautiful compliments to landscapes and hardscapes. Let us turn your landscape dreams into a reality with our professional artificial grass installation in South Jersey.

Let Fairway Turf & Artificial Grass LLC custom design your project!

Artificial turf is no longer just for lawns! Let us shed some light on all the different ways you can incorporate artificial turf design at your home. Get your creative juices flowing by downloading our guide now!

Typical Design Applications – Artificial Grass

  • Lawns
  • Rooftops
  • Volleyball
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Bocce Ball
  • Living Areas
  • Dog Runs
  • Pet Facilities